Are you having a party this weekend?

Are you celebrating this weekend and want to have a party in your house?  Having friends & family around to celebrate with you, is one of the best ways to celebrate your special day!

Your first question maybe how many guests?  Will I have room in my house?  I know I will use the garden, but what if it rains?

Have you thought about hiring a small marquee/gazebo? If the weather is predicting to rain the marquee will give you protection between the showers or if is going to be hot and sunny (I wish) then again the small marquee will give you shade to hide away from the sun. With sizes starting from just 3 metres by 3 metres or 10 feet by 10 feet in old money. Almost no garden is too small to have the protection from the British elements.

Can I put it on decking or a patio or does it have to go on grass?  All marquees need to be tied down to stop the wind  blowing them away, remember if you have say a  8 metre by 4metre marquee that is a 32m2 square sail you are putting up so it can easily take off. If you do not have grass to stake it down applying weights around the legs will stop it taking off or tie it to a solid structure like a tree or garden post.

So let’s start planning that party?  Let start by checking the size of my garden simply pace out the garden one large step is roughly 1 metre.  Allow some working room to peg down the marquee and now you have your size. A small marquee 6 metre by 3 metre marquee will take 18 seated around tables or 30 standing. Remember not everybody will be in the marquee if it is an informal party as people will mill around the garden. So you could increase the number to say 40.

Will I need extra chairs or tables?  This depends on what type of party you are having a formal sit down meal or buffet BBQ.

What about flooring?   A breathable carpet will help reduce the condensation in the small marquee and protect the grass from footwear.

Do I need to light it? I would not bother unless the party is going to go on until the night time. Then simple globe lights inside the marquee will provide sufficient lighting.

Do I need to heat it? A small electric fan heater will give you some warmth but it is surprising when you have 20/30 bodies inside a small marquee how much heat is generated. Obviously if it is outside our summer days I would suggest having some heating inside.

So now the marquee is sorted let’s start inviting your guests. Enjoy your day!

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