Why a stretch Tent?

Good Looking

Stretch tents are becoming a more popular choice over the ‘traditional’ event tents. This is mainly down to their appearance; they are trendy, atmospheric and give more of a relaxed feel to an event. The organic and curved shapes help to blend into and compliment many outdoor venues.

Versatile Options

Stretch tents come with a variety of rigging options, this allows you to adapt the tent to suit each events unique requirements. You can have it raised and open or pulled down and enclosed, the latter option doubles as a preventative measure against the elements as the canopy is both waterproof and windproof! Wanting more than one? No problem, these tents can be attached to one another using a purpose built guttering. Regarding pitching, these can be staked into grass without any fuss or bolted into concrete (subject to site visit).

Weather Resistant

As mentioned above, these tents are built to withstand (most) weather conditions; the uniquely designed fabric, seams and gutter systems are all able to be stretched yet remain waterproof! The fabric whilst being waterproof are also UV resistant, therefore, they make the perfect sun shades!

Stretch Tent: Small

Size: 10.5 m x 7.5 m

78.75 square metres. Depending on how many sides you have down, you can accommodate the following:

Seated  30-50 people,   Cinema/Conference – 60 people or Cocktail Party – 50 people

Cost to Hire £750 on its own

Suggested Extras (Simply Choose what you want)

Coconut Flooring £210.00
5 x 5 ft round Tables (seats 8-10) £50.00
Bistro Chairs x 50 £112.50
Up-lighters x 4 £88.00
50 m Fairy Lights outside £60.00
Total £1270.50 inclusive of VAT,  Pitching and Take down and delivery* to local areas

* See  delivery for additional charges if outside our free delivery area.

For Delivery please click here as additional charges may apply depending on where you want the marquee pitched and or delivered  Please also note there is an option to have  a 7% damage waiver charge is added to all bookings.