2 Meter wooden beer table.

Varnished Beer Tables measuring 2 Meters long, 50 cm wide and 77 cm tall. Featuring gloss varnished solid wooden tops, stacking battens and green folding metal legs which allow for easy storage. These tables go perfectly with our 2 meter long wooden benches which will allow you to seat 8 people at the table.

2 Meter long wooden folding bench.

The benches are 2 meters long, 25 cm deep and 49 cm high. The benches are 10kg, have green metal folding legs and fold flat for storage. You can seat up to 4 people per side.

Ideal for a party or an informal wedding.

Cost to Hire

2 m Beer Table £12.00

2 m  wooden Bench £9.00

or set of 1 table and 2 benches £30.00