Marquee Heater Hire

Worried about keeping you and your guests warm, worry no more! This super heater will keep you toasty warm all evening long even in those minus temperatures.

This heater sits outside the marquee and the warm air is directed inside via a length of flexible high temperature ducting, which in turn is terminated at a diffuser box inside the marquee. The heater will provide heating for between 12-14 hours thermostatically controlled. Also includes the cost of one tank of fuel.

Recommended for Marquees above 32sqm in size

Cost to Hire with a Marquee hire from Marquee2hire includes fuel & delivery (Marquee hire fee not included)

Size of Marquee Cost to Hire Heater
4m x 6m £120.00
4m x 8m £120.00
4m x 10m £120.00
6m  x 6 m £120.00
6m x 8m £144.00*
6m x 10m £168.00*
6m x 12m £168.00*
Capri £168.00*

* You will be charged an additional £40.00 at the time of booking. This is to cover an additional emergency 20 litres tank of fuel. If you do not use this fuel then you will be refunded the £40.00 after the hire.

Gazebo Heaters

3kw airflow heaters ideal for the winter or when we have those cold snaps in the summer.

Compact & robust with built in thermostat, 1.5 metres of cable with 3 pin plug.

Size 250x250x420

weight 7.5kg

power output 3.3kw

noise level 50db

Cost to Hire £16.50 per heater.