Are you planning a Wedding or need a Marquee for a County Show?

The 6m width  Clearspan marquees are an ideal size for a Wedding Marquee or a County Show tent.  We have Marquees for hire.

The 6m x 21m or 20ft x 70ft Marquee

Lining Package

If you are organising a Wedding then we recommend the lining package as this really does set the Marquee apart.

The lining package is an ivory lining that covers the roof  & walls and  also includes  swags around the top of the walls. For  a small additional charge you can change the colour of either the linings or swags. Please ask our staff for more details.

Village Fete or School Fayre

If you need a large party tent or require a bar / catering tent tent for the  village fare or school fete then these are ideal.

Your Choice

You can also choose to have plain walls, georgian windows or  for an additional cost completely panoramic windows and or roof.

There are no poles inside the marquee so you have a clear space to design the interior how you want.

No guy ropes as the marquee is staked down into the ground at the leg sections.

These Clearspan Marquees are Manufactured by Roder Plc based in Germany. Roder  Plc  designs provide the safest most rigid structure on the market and have passed all UK safety standard tests with flying colours. The structure can withstand winds over 50 mph. They are modular structure and can be built in multiples of 3m. The eave height is 2.3m and the ridge height is 3.98m.

Marquee Hire includes walls with pitching & take down and delivery & collection service * £875.00
Marquee Hire with Lining Package of Roof, walls & swags, includes walls with pitching & take down and delivery & collection service * £1335.00

For Delivery please click here as additional charges may apply depending on where you want the marquee pitched and or delivered