Portable Stage Hire

Are you looking to create a platform that takes centre stage of your marquee?

We can now create a staging area up to 6m x 3m. A four piece band can easily use the 3m x 3m stage. The surface is a non slip rubber.

The stage comes in 2m x 1m sections so you can create various sizes for your event.

The height of the stage is 30cm

Hire Charges by size
2m x 2m  £50.00
3m x 2m  £75.00
3m x 3m  £115.00

4m x 2m  £100.00
4m x 3m  £150.00
5m x 3m  £187.50

4m x 4m £200.00
6m x 3m  £225.00

Other size stages are available on request.