Hard Flooring for Marquees 


Worried about damage to your grass especially in the winter? Hire a hard flooring for your marquee. This will give your grass that added protection especially in the winter. Your grass will be protected with this flooring and your guests will not have muddy feet. The flooring can also be used as a walkway to your Marquee.

If your garden is bit uneven then this flooring will  go over small humps and bumps giving you a more even surface.

The hard flooring for marquees can be laid over patios,pathways, decking, driveways and grass areas to give you one uniformed flooring. Even if you have a dip in the garden the floor can be laid on top of each other to create a more even area.

The hard flooring for marquees is  manufactured from reprocessed polyprop co-polymer, which offers a high impact resistance, even at low temperatures. Ladies do not worry about your high heels on this flooring!

The hard flooring comes in 500mm x 500mm tiles which simply join together to form a compact solid floor. Edging to the floor  is provided where there are entrances to the Marquee.

The flooring can also be used as an  alternative to a dance floor because your guests can dance anywhere the floor is laid.

If you want an even better look lay carpet directly on top to give a really solid feel. (Additional  charge for the carpet  is payable on top of the hard flooring)

The cost of hire includes the laying and dismantling of the floor and can only be done by Marquee2hire staff.

Width in metres Length in metres Hard flooring  Hire cost
4 6 £80.00
4 8 £106.50
4 10 £110.00
6 2 £33.00
6 3 £82.00
6 6 £99.00
6 8 £132.00
6 9 £148.50
6 10 £165.00
6 12 £198.00
6 15 £220.00
6 18 £264.00
6 21 £308.00
9 9 £198.00
9 12 £264.00
9 15 £308.50
9 18 £370.00
9 21 £431.500
Trapeze L £264.00
Trapeze S £148.50
Capri L £239.50
Capri S £148.50