Green Carpet

Bring the outdoors inside with this green carpet. It can only be used in marquees larger than 4 x 8m Marquees.It is also slightly cheaper alternative to Coconut matting. Hire Cost includes the cost of laying and removal.

Marquee Size Hire Cost
4m x 8m £50.00
4m x 10m £83.00
6m x 8m £75.00
6m x 10m £94.50
6m x 12m £94.5
6m x 15m £114.50
6m x 18m £151.50
6m x 21m £169.50
9m x 9m £125.00
9m x 12m £125.00
9m x 15m £207.50
9m x 18m £232.50
9m x 21m £282.50
Small Capri/Trapeze £75.00
Large Capri £157.50
Large Trapeze £157.50