Can the Marquee or Gazebo be attached to the house?

Yes they can although it depends on what part of the house you want to attach to? Remember most doors are only 2m high and with the additional step down to the patio means that the gazebo has to have a clearance of 2.20m. With our larger marquees the walls are 2.30 m high so this normally allows us to but right up to the house. Please ask when we are doing a site visit that you require us to but up to the house.

How much room do I need to put a marquee in my garden?

We normally need a flat level surface and at least an additional 1m around the marquee to be able to put the marquee in your garden. We have been known to put them up in very tight spaces and on a few occasions over a few plants and Trees!! This is just about ok with the smaller marquees but when they any bigger than 6x12m we do need that  additional tolerance. Remember if your garden slopes then it is likely you will be sitting at a table that slopes!! Most of our marquees require that we put a stake in the ground so again we need that additional space.

Can the marquee or Gazebo put on a hard standing or concrete?

Yes it can for the small marquees and gazebos we  can add  13 kg weights to each leg and if require these can be doubled up.  If closeby to a grass areas then we can extend a stake into the grass or tie to a tree. If it is the larger Marquees then we can drill and bolt to the concrete but this an additional cost.

Can the walls of the marquees be opened?

It depends on the style of the marquee you have hired?

On the Gazebos. You can choose to either have them with or without walls. Although the doors can roll up to create an open side.

On the smaller Marquees  (4m and some 6m wide) the walls can be easily taken off and  put back on. They are simply attached by bungeys.

On the larger Marquees (6m  & 9m wide) The walls can be unlaced and the walls drawn back like a curtain.

On the Capri Marquees they have clips which can be unclipped and the whole wall removed.

On the Trapeze Marquees the walls can only be clipped backed to create an opening or you can choose to have no walls at all.

Can I put decorations up inside the marquee?

No problem as long as you are not pinning anything to the material of the marquee. Hang any decoration from the frame work you like, we  just ask that you remove them in time before we take the Marquee down. We have see all sorts hung from the marquees and paper lanterns is a very popular idea.

How do I get power to the marquee?

Again it depends on where your marquee is situated? If it is close to the house it is possible to run extensions from the house to the Marquee. Obviously be careful not to overload your circuits, Especially if you are hiring a small  electric heater  as this draws 3kw of power and requires its own circuit.

If the Marquee is located in an isolated position then you may need to  have a generator. Whilst we do not hire these ourselves we have close links with suppliers who will recommend the correct size for the power you need.

Will the marquee be warm enough?

It really depends on the time of year?

In the summer after the sun goes down it has been known for the temperature to drop quite a few degrees. A  kerosene heater will keep the marquee cosy into the small hours . Alternatively a weather check a few days before allows to to order a heater at the last moment.

In the winter we offer our winter package of hard flooring and a heater so you can  have a party all year round. Look out for our special deals.

Jusk ask our staff  and they can recomend what size of heater you require for your size of marquee.

Will the marquee damage our lawn?

No if the marquee is down for a short while such as a long weekend. If it longer then  we may have to manage when the floor is laid so as to avoid damaging the grass.  If the grass does turn yellow after about a weeks sunlight it will come back

When will the Marquee be delivered and collected?

We normally erect the marquees on Thursday or Friday and take then down on Monday and Tuesday. We are happy to work with you if you have specific requests and need extra time for decorating the marquee.  Just ask at the time of booking.

What happens if the weather forecast is for strong winds and heavy rain or snow?

Whilst we hope that you do not suffer these horrible conditions for your event we also recognise that these  adverse weather conditions can and do happen. We are constantly looking at the weather forecasts and you may have noticed that we also have a weather app on the front of our website.  Whilst some of the marquees will stand winds over 50mph some will not and therefore if the forecast is for heavy winds we will supply extra tie downs and depending where the marquee is located offer advice on what to do in these extreme conditions.  In very extreme conditions it may not be possible to even erect your marquee.

In windy conditions we do ask that the doors are kept closed at all times.

In the case of heavy snow you will have to clear the snow of the roof by pushing a brush up against the roof to knock the snow off as the roofs are not designed to carry large amounts of snow.

It is important that the marquee is pitched on a fairly level ground because on a slope it alters the pitch of the roof and the rain may build up causing the roof to split open .

Can I add to my hire?

No problem at all you can  as many additions as you like to your booking and you can make  one amendment free of charge after the booking all  subject to the equipment being available at the time. All we ask if it is within 28 days of the booking that you pay at the time of the request.

What is your cancellation Policy?

We require a 20% deposit at the time of booking and you have a cooling off period of 10 days from that date of booking.

If you then cancel with more than 20 days to go before the event you will lose the deposit  of 20% or  £40 whichever is greater.

If it is between 8 and 20 days then you will lose 30% or £70 whichever is greater and if it is less than 7 days then there is no refund.

How do I book?

We always suggest a site visit at first and if you are happy with the quotation then we ask for a 20% deposit at the time of booking your marquee and all the equipment will be reserved for you.

The balance is payable 28 days before the hire date. If your function is within the 28 days of hire then we ask for the full payment at the time of booking.